Sustainable high school, Rijswijks Lyceum, The Netherlands

A recent study by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Housing (VROM) shows that 86% of the classroom in schools during the heating season is insufficiently ventilated. The temperatures in the rooms are therefore too high. In approximately 56% of the classrooms examined, the capacity of the ventilation facilities does not correspond to the statutory performance level.

High School, Rijkswijks Lyceum has decisively dealt with this problem. Four years ago, the school community invested 1.2 million euros in heat and cold storage and the necessary constructional facilities. Each room is individually air-conditioned by means of geothermal heat and cooling fan convection. After this operation, the gas bill decreased by 75%. However, there were still three rooms left, of which cooling was almost impossible: the theatre that is also used as an auditorium, the media library with many computers and the porter's lodge. The facade in the theatre are made of glass so that it can easily reach 30°C in summer. The library contains forty computers that blow out heat all day long. Meanwhile, the theatre, the media library and the porterhouse are equipped with our Thermavar PCM Climate Ceilings that absorb heat in the winter, which will be used the next day to spoil the rooms. In winter, the principle works the other way around. In the night, the PCM mats in the ceilings cool down and that coolness is used again to condition the rooms to a pleasant temperature. The stage in the theatre space is used for the storage of fifteen thousand PCM18 balls. These are used for the air conditioning of the auditorium. The climate systems of the school community in Rijswijk and the implementation of Phase Change Materials are causing furore in Rijswijk. Companies regularly come to see how the climate problem has been tackled here.