Sustainable climate control system in the headquarters of Trek Benelux, Harderwijk, The Netherlands

Trek Benelux has situated its new headquarter in the Bouw & Infra Park in Harderwijk. Bicycle factory Trek Benelux stands for innovation and sustainability. These standards also apply to the systems within their head office. Heating systems for the new office are connected to the existing Bouw & Infra Park heating grid. This heating grid is heated via a biomass system; the system is fed using woodchips from local pruning waste. Floor heating was selected for the Trek Benelux offices. Air conditioning is provided by an adsorption cooler connected to a cold storage buffer tank filled with Phase Change Material 14°C. balls.

An absorption cooler utilises a unique innovation which draws warmth from the heating grid to generate cooling. To ensure continued sustainable cooling throughout the summer, a solar boiler has also been installed to supply the required heat. The acquired cooling is stored in a buffer tank filled with Phase Change Material balls. By applying the Phase Change Materials the capacity of the buffer tank is increase by a factor of 4 which has a highly beneficial effect on the measurements of the buffer tank. The cooled water is used to generate cold air flow throughout the Trek Benelux offices via ventilation boxes.

Boonstoppel Engineering designed the system. Global-E-Systems and Energy Outsourcing Solutions were responsible for providing the absorption cooler, solar boiler and buffer tank with Phase Change Materials. We also installed the components and integrated them into the existing system.

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