Sustainable City Hall, Westland, The Netherlands

On 27 September, the new town hall of the municipality of Westland was officially opened. An open, accessible and sustainable building with space for civic affairs, politics, events and initiatives from society. Innovative techniques have ensured that the town hall is CO2-neutral. This has been made possible by hundreds of solar panels and a sustainable climate system.

A WKO installation was not possible in these buildings. For this reason, a PCM buffer has been chosen. When applying Phase Change Materials, we use the transition from liquid to solid to solid and vice versa: the material stores the heat and melts, when it gets colder the material solidifies and releases the heat back into the environment. The buffer with Phase Change Materials also stores the heat released from server rooms in the ICT department. Heat recovery also ensures that heat does not escape to the outside without unnecessary heat.

A comfortable and healthy indoor climate has been achieved at the workstations by using climate ceilings. The energy-efficient LED lighting system operates on the basis of daylight and presence. These are all techniques that refer to the energy-producing greenhouse in the Westland.

PCM buffertank cityhall