Sustainable business office, Heembouw, Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands

We improved the indoor climate in the office of Heembouw in Roelofarendsveen by implementing Phase Change Materials in the walls. The office space is located on the 2nd floor in a part of the office space, which is constructed as a lightweight construction. As a result, the walls contain little mass. In recent years, the heat load in this space has increased enormously. That is why it was time for change. The number of temperature shift hours had become unacceptable, with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius almost 400 hours per year. With the use of Phase Change Materials this is reduced to an acceptable level.

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Phase Change Materials are materials that change, from solid to liquid and so on. We use these materials to store and dissipate heat. In Phase Change materials, heat can be stored for later use. In case of a lot of sunshine, the room does not get a high temperature very quickly, because the Phase Change Materials absorbs the heat. In case of colder weather the Phase Change Materials release the heat again. The result is a "more even temperature" in the building. The application of Phase Change Materials therefore makes the temperature more even, without large air conditioning installation. A sustainable solution with low energy consumption because less cooling capacity is needed. The result is a drastic reduction in the number of exceedance hours.

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