Sustainable business office GKB Barendrecht, The Netherlands

For the realisation of its new office space in Barendrecht, the managing board of GKB reached the highest level of sustainability, the BREEAM-NL Outstanding. The achieved EPC is more than 100% better than the government standard. For this project, Global-E-Systems provided an innovative climate control solution.

Our PCM solution is utilised in the building for the storage of warm and cold temperatures. Mats filled with Phase Change Materials are regenerated during the night with cool evening air so that they can provide office cooling the following day. The building has therefore no need for an active air-conditioning unit. When the temperature rises above the melting temperature of the PCM mats, these will begin to melt and absorb excess heat. When the temperature drops, the stored heat will be re-distributed. In these phase transition, large amounts of energy are stored and released.