Kotug's Zero-Emission Heat Recycling System

One of our clients, KOTUG International has won the Maritime Innovation Award 2017. The award was handed over by the expert Jury for the new cost-effective and sustainable system to store and regenerate heat on tugboats, the Zero-Emission Heat Recycling System.

The Heat Recycling System makes the tugboat operation more energy efficient and therefore more green. A tugboat produces heat during operation and it requires energy during stand-by periods. Kotug has developed a way to re-cycle the cool water heat from the main engines and store the heat in a smart latent heat buffer from Global-E-Systems. The required energy is needed for the climate control and to keep the engines warm. It is usually derived from electrical shore power at a considerable cost.

The use of Phase Change Material (PCM) technology is new in the maritime industry and has great potential not only for tugboats, but for every type of vessel, as it can be tailored to different spaces and user profiles. KOTUG is looking into more applications for temperature control purposes.”, said Koos Smoor, Manager Fleet Performance & Innovation at KOTUG.

The Heat Recycling System has been installed on the ZP Bison a tugboat of Kotug Smit Towage, and is working properly. The new system is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. It reduces shore power consumption with 50%, thus cutting CO2 emissions by half. Which is approx. 50.000kWhr less on the meter every year.

The goal of the Maritime Award is to raise awareness of the innovative power generated and radiated by the maritime and offshore supply industry. The prize also aims to stimulate innovative developments within the maritime cluster. Kotug’s Zero-Emission Heat Recycling System, answers these questions with its economical, technical and environmental benefits.

Kotug PCM Buffer