De Kleine Campus Arnhem, The Netherlands

The Kleine Campus is a contemporary working community in the former gymnasium of Arnhem - a monumental building with a large green outdoor space, close to the dynamics of the Spijkerkwartier and city centre. A place that offers plenty of space to work, develop, meet and relax. At De Kleine Campus you can rent your own studio or office, make use of the shared meeting and event rooms or have a day of flexible work.

schema pelletverwarming

The Kleine Campus has taken a big step towards a sustainable Small Campus: the installation of an environmentally friendly wood pellet stove. The central heating system will no longer burn on fuel oil but on CO2-neutral wood pellets this winter. The installation consists of two wood pellet stoves of 150 kW each and two buffer vessels of 10,000 litres. The buffer vessels contain our GAIA Energy Storage Balls filled with Phase Change Materials. These materials retain heat and energy for longer periods of time.