Biomass plant in combination with PCM buffers, Waterweg Wonen, Vlaardingen

Our partner Boonstoppel Engineering has designed two biomass plants in combination with PCM buffers for the Waterweg Wonen housing association. Biomass is a wood burning technique. The wood used in these biomass plants is unsuitable for the production of objects. To prevent this residual wood from being thrown away, wood chips are made from it, which can be burned in the biomass boilers. This makes this wood burning technique a natural and sustainable alternative to heating with oil and gas.

Our Phase Change Materials are used in applied buffer vessels to store the energy generated for later use. The energy provides enough heat for all the homes in the complex. The current collective gas boilers could therefore be completely replaced by a biomass plant. This is the first time that heating wood chips in combination with PCM is used in residential construction in the Netherlands.