Alliander's sustainable head office

Our customer Linthorst Techniek from Apeldoorn is preparing Alliander for the energy transition: no more gas, the energy supply for this modern, green office building is 100 percent all electric. The building's sustainable, energy-neutral and circular (foreign) buildings were important pillars for the client. Linthorst Techniek set the bar a little higher: Alliander's head office, called Bellevue, was to become the epitome of an office building that is ready for the energy transition.

A combination of different techniques ensures that the building can fully meet its own energy needs. Solar panels are integrated into the glass in the atrium roof, the roof is equipped with additional solar panels and the heat and cold storage in the ground with water and air heat pumps provide heating and cooling of the building. When it comes to climate control, Linthorst has opted for low temperature heating with climate ceilings, floor and wall heating. In order to plan the production of heat and thus also the demand for electricity at day level, two buffers of nine cubic metres were placed in the basement with a total of 38,000 PCM36 balls. Phase Change Materials are used to store a large amount of low-grade energy in a limited content.

PCM bollen