Thermavar™ PCM Climate Floor

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Global-E-Systems Europe supplies unique Phase Change Material solutions and serves as a knowledge platform for this topic. We develop products that better align the mismatch between energy production and energy demand. These solutions allow buildings to have a constant indoor temperature throughout the year.

A system concept solving the demand for more sustainability, installation selection, savings, heating and cooling with just one product. With The PCM climate floors it becomes possible to buffer (save up) thermal energy in the floor of a building. The PCM climate floor is a new, unique, modular Cradle2Cradle, energy-saving underfloor heating and cooling system.

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How does it work?

Using Phase Change Materials gave way to a unique application of underfloor heating that cuts in half the heating capacity that is still required. Phase Change Materials can store energy, during phase transition this will take place at a constant temperature. Selecting PCM25 or 28 degrees makes it easy to heat a building. The PCM floor must be charged with energy. This preferably occurs at night on a low hot water range of, for example, 35-30°C.

The stored energy that was charged into the PCM climate floor during the night is delivered evenly to the area during daytime heat demand. An additional advantage is that a 13mm thick PCM panel can accumulate an equal amount of heat as 300mm of concrete. From an arithmetic point of view, a very "heavy floor" is installed in the area. Combining this with passive home construction designs is certainly possible, but passive designs are not necessary. This has the direct advantage that when 15 cm of insulation is applied to walls, roof and floor and HR++ glass is used, this will be sufficient to create an optimally insulated building.

Applicable for construction and renovation

Whether for construction or renovation projects, the following applies: If PCM climate floors are used, direct power savings will be made. It does not matter whether you opt for the "all electric solution" or a connection to a central grid. In every situation, there is a better balance between energy production and demand, the house is optimally heated and all installation concepts benefit from the cooling possibilities of PCM climate floors. In the case of new homes, the use of small electric heat pumps is more obvious, since a gas connection can be saved immediately. When renovating homes (with a gas connection that has already been realised, you can, for example, choose the smallest HR boiler or use a small heat pump.


An additional effect is that the PCM climate floor has a cooling effect in any season. After all, a partially charged PCM floor will first absorb and then store noticeable heat caused by, for example, solar heat. As a consequence, the room temperature will not rise despite the sun’s perceptible thermal load. In summer, this results in cooling, during the winter this effect can be used to (partially) charge the floor with free solar energy. Overheating of areas is prevented in all seasons. All this depends on a control strategy for which various controllers can be used, which are usually included with heat-generating devices (HR boiler, heat pump).

Basic ingrediënt

PCM24 or PCM29 (basic material: calcium chloride, salt hydrate) Non-toxic, fire classification DIN EN 13501-1 (non-flammable)
Heating capacity per floor panelPCM24 585x195x13 mm: 55 Wh
PCM24 877x195x13 mm: 86 Wh
PCM29 585x195x13 mm: 68 Wh
PCM29 877x195x13 mm: 102 Wh
Material floor panelHDPE - High Density Polyethyleen
Weight per floor panel585x195x13 mm: 1,30 kg
877x195x13 mm: 1,95 kg