Thermavar™ PCM Climate Ceiling

thermavar Climate Ceiling

Climatising living area's

With the Thermavar™ PCM climate ceiling it becomes possible to efficiently cool living areas with minimal use of cooling machines. In this way, the required cooling power can be significantly reduced. By using Phase Change Materials, a reduction of 25 to 50% can already be achieved.

Ceiling grilles are no longer needed due to the open space between the ceiling and the PCM panels being used as plenum space, in order to blow cool air over the panels. Air enters the area through small holes on the edge of the ceiling. The advantage is that the inflow rate is reduced, thus increasing thermal comfort.


The system can be used in both new and existing buildings. The heating and ventilation system can be maintained with only minor adjustments. The ceiling panels are the only elements that have to be replaced. Over 90% of office buildings have such a ceiling system. This is why Phase Change Materials are very suitable for making existing installations more sustainable.

There are a multitude of application areas. Whether it's office buildings, retail, schools or healthcare, our PCM climate ceilings guarantee a comfortable indoor climate. Moreover, it can be combined with the latest generation of LED lighting and smart energy management, saving even more energy.

Virtual building mass

To make buildings more sustainable, we use the physical phenomenon that during phase transition of a substance a lot of energy is released or absorbed. This feature is used to control or dampen the temperature variation in a building or area. Applying Phase Change Materials is actually nothing more than the creation of virtual building mass.

Thermal battery

The PCMs essentially work as a thermal battery. The PCMs absorb heat from the environment, which cools the environment. If the temperature of the environment drops, the material solidifies, which in turn causes heat to be released to the environment. At night, the PCMs are generated with cool night air to cool the living area the next day. The only energy supply is the night rate electicity for the fans.

Technical Specifications

Storage material PCM20 (base material calcium chloride, chemical formula CaCl2+6H2O, hydrochloride) Non-toxic, fire classification DIN EN 13501-1 (non-combustible)
Thermavar™ PCM Climate Ceilings
Cooling capacity
Per mat: 110 Wh
Per m2: 330 Wh
process temperaturesSolidification temperature: 19.0°C
Melting temperature: 21,0 °C
Max environment temperature: 50 °C
Dimensions Outer dimensions: 570 × 570 × 8 mm (L × W × H)
Weight per mat: 2,28 kg
Filling PCM20: 2 kg
Surface weight per m2: 6,84 kg
Packaging PCM
Special recyclable plastic (high stability, optimised surface for charging and discharging PCM storage material, corrosion stable, UV stabilised)
Material ceiling panel:
2.3 mm Ø, HOH 5 mm, circa 60%, other perforations upon request
Standard L595 x W595 x H15 mm, thickness 1.2 mm, other dimensions upon request
Powder coating RAL 9010, other colours upon request

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