GAIA PCM Energy Storage Ball

GAIA Energy storage ball-01

Thermal storage

Thermal energy storage (TES) is temporary storage of heat or cold for use at a later time. It bridges the gap between supply and demand of energy. Thermal energy storage systems with Phase Change Materials are suitable for short (24h) and medium-term energy storage of up to one week. For most applications, Phase Change Materials must be packaged in well-sealed containers. Global-E-Systems has developed several standard types of containers suitable for various applications. Additionally, custom-made containers can be developed for special production processes or applications.

The GAIA PCM Energy Storage Ball is an encapsulation of Phase Change Materials in a spherical shape with a diameter of 50, 80 or 100mm Ø and manufactured from high-grade HDPE or PP plastic. For example, the PCM balls can easily be applied separately in a buffer tank for a heating or cooling circuit. This allows for any required increase (in capacity) or decrease (in volume) of the storage system. PCM balls are specifically selected for each project to have the proper material and phase change temperature.

Biomass energy plants

For biomass power plants, a well-dimensioned buffer tank is vital. The disadvantage of these buffer tanks, however, is their size and the amount of space they occupy. In addition, the aesthetic aspect plays a major role. Buffer tanks placed outside do not look attractive and could even be an obstacle when trying to obtain a building permit. In these cases, Phase Change Material balls can offer a solution. When Phase Change Materials are applied, the volume can be reduced by a factor of 4. In the image, the planned 60,000 litre buffer tank has been replaced by 2 PCM buffer tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres. Both tanks are filled with a total of 50,000 PCM80 balls.


Additional examples for application

» Buffer storage systems for thermal solar energy.

» The storage volume can be decreased by a factor of 3-4 at equal storage capacity.

» Buffer storage for heat pumps and cold-water machines.

» Cold / heat storage for peak shaving in the (process) industry.

» PCM balls can be stacked in an air duct (rectangular or round) or simply added separately.

» Preheating of air-water heat pumps. Loading during the day cycle, better COP during operation at night.

» For area cooling. Can be pre-loaded with cold night air.

» Housing. For example, in a series connection with the HR-WTW.

» Using PCM balls as active storage medium in building materials (concrete, for instance). PCM balls with a diameter of 50mm Ø are best suited for this application.

Technical specifications

Storage materialOptional salt hydrates (heat) or eutectic solution (cold), for instance water / glycol Fire classification DIN EN 13501-1 (non-flammable)
Heat storage capacity:Capacity per ball: 40kJ / 11Wh,
for example for PCM58 capacity per m3: 28,5 kWh
Process temperaturesApplicable from -30°C to +89°C
Specifications Cross section / weight 80mm Ø / 292 grams
Volume: 20 mL
Total weight per m3: 540kg (on average)
Quantity per m3 1850 pieces
ContainerMade of HDPE or PP (High Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene)
in a spherical shape with high heat stability. An optimised exchange surface for excellent energy transfer.
Max. installation pressure3 bar

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