Caldameg 4.5kW Heating System

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There is a growing interest and need to deal with energy sustainably. People are searching for solutions to accelerate the energy transition, reduce gas dependency and improve energy labels in existing buildings. Time is running out! Global-E-Systems produces and develops energy systems based on renewable energy and is introducing the accelerator for energy transition: the Caldameg™ heating system, which is a complete replacement of the traditional gas-fired combi boiler.

The Caldameg™ heating system is a patented “Smart Heat Pump Buffer Concept” and is specially designed for space heating and hot water supply. The system provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution to replace the traditional gas boilers. By installing the Caldameg™ heating system, the energy label of a home will improve immediately. This solution is also an ideal addition for “zero on the meter” projects and a catalyst for the transition to “all electric” buildings.

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How does it work?

The Caldameg™ heating system is a highly efficient 4.5 kW CO2 heat pump (air / water), combined with a 264 liter PCM buffer tank. The Phase Change Materials in the buffer enable a large amount of heat storage, which can be used for hot tap water and to heat the home. The CO2 heat pump is able to produce water of 80°C, regardless of the outside temperature and requires a relatively small amount of energy on an annual basis. When the house is conveniently located, it becomes possible to make the system energy neutral In combination with several solar panels.

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The existing installation in the house does not require modification: just replace the boiler, with Caldameg™. The CO2 heat pump for outdoor installation can be placed on flat roofs, against the façade, in the garden et cetera. Prefab in-roof constructions are available for installation on sloping roofs. The buffer tank can be easily placed on different locations inside the house. For example, the buffer tank can replace the boiler in the same location. It is also possible to adapt the shape of the buffer to the situation in the home. It is recommended that the installation is performed and maintained by an authorised installer (STEK certification is not a requirement).

Technical specifications

4.5kW CO2 Heat pump

Electrical supply230V/50Hz + A
Heating capacity 1)
4.6 kW (∆T 60K - inlet temperature 80°C)
Opgenomen vermogen 1)
1.12 kW (DB/NB 20°/19°C)
Power consumption 2)
3.45 kW (∆T 70K - inlet temperature 80°C)
Heating capacity 2)
1.9 kW (DB/NB -12°/-13°C)
Max. water temperature
operating range (outdoor temperature)
-20°C tot 40°C
Max. pressure gascooler
157 bar
Type compressor DC-inverter
Semi-hermetic suction (Panasonic)
Refrigerant code
refrigerant quantity
1.3 kg
Max. water debiet
110 l/h
Max. pressure
8 bar
Noise level
≤ 44 dB(A)
83 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
750 x 390 x 1245 mm
RAL 7043 (traffic gray B)
Water-side pressure drop
45 kPa
¾” male thread

PCM buffer

264 liter
Empty weight
100 kg
Operating weight
370 kg
Dimensions (height x diameter)
1450 x 600 mm
Dimensions with isolation (height x diameter)
1580 x 680 mm
Tilt size1690 mm
Steel (S235JRG2)
Max. running temperature
Operating pressure
3.0 bar
Test pressure
4.5 bar
Energy storage capacity
9.3 kWh
Insulation foam
75 mm Polystyrene
Insulation shell
PVC (gray)

Control unit

Electrical supply
230V/50Hz + A
Temperature sensors
4 x PT1000
2-way valve
24V/0-10V modulating
room thermostat
On/off - OpenTherm

Point of sale

In the Netherlands, this product is available at the Technische Unie. If you want to order this product from outside the Netherlands please contact us directly. The Caldameg 4.5kW heating system can be viewed and experienced at the Sustainability Inspiration Centre of the Technische Unie in Zwolle, The Netherlands. This new showroom offers an overview of the latest solutions in the field of making buildings more sustainable. For more information, please visit

At 'Find a specialist' you will find all Thuiscomfort specialists in the Netherlands who have experience with heat pump systems. is an initiative of the Technische Unie.

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