Caldameg 34kW Heating System

CALDAMEG 34kW Heating System-01

The Caldameg™ 34kW heating system is a patented “Smart Heat Pump Buffer Concept” and is specially designed for collective space heating and utility construction. Thanks to modular design allows the system to be used in any development project be integrated. The system provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution to replace the traditional gas boilers. This solution is an ideal addition for “zero on the meter” projects and a catalyst for the transition to “all electric” buildings.

principe diagram 34

How does it work?

The Caldameg™ Heating System is a highly efficient 34kW CO2 heat pump (air / water), combined with three PCM buffer tanks with a capacity of 500 liter. The CO2 heat pump is able to produce water of 85°C, regardless of the outside temperature. The Phase Change Materials in the buffers enable a large amount of heat storage, which can be used for hot tap water and spatial heating. When the building is conveniently located, it becomes possible to make the system energy neutral In combination with solar panels.

Technical specifications

Type designationEDKXT2-10IIB
electrical supply
Heating capacity
Power consumption7.5kW
Max. water temperature85°C
Max. water debiet0.72m3/h
Refrigerant codeR744
Max. water temperature9.0 MPa/15.0 MPa
Noise level heat pump≤ 68dB (A)
Weight heat pump360 kg
Dimensions heat pump1472 x 1100 x 2295 mm
Dimensions bufferØ 800 x 1.950 mm
Buffer capacity3x 500 liter

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