Caldameg 34kW Heating System

CALDAMEG 34kW Heating System-01

The Caldameg™ Heating System is a patented 'smart heat pump/buffer concept'. The 34kW, 70kW and 140kW are specially designed for collective, commercial and industrial applications in existing buildings. For example, collective heating in apartment buildings or sanitary hot water supply in sports halls that have a high hot water demand due to the number of showers. Thanks to the modular design, the system can be integrated into any development project. The system is an ideal addition for zero on the meter projects and a catalyst for the transition to "all electric" buildings.

principe diagram 34

How does it work?

The Caldameg™ Heating System consists of an efficient 34kW, 70kW or 140kW CO2 heat pump (air/water) of in combination with three PCM buffer tanks of 500, 1000 or 2000 litres. The CO2 heat pump is unique because of the high temperature output of 80°C. A high output temperature is necessary when you want to connect the heat pump to radiators or convectors. The existing installation in the building does not need to be fully adapted. The system is therefore ideal for renovation. Another advantage is that the CO2 heat pumps achieve better efficiency in the winter. In comparison to a traditional heat pump, a CO2 heat pump can handle much better with very cold outside temperatures. CO2 is a natural gas and more environmentally friendly than its chemical counterparts. The hydraulic scheme is indicative. There are several connection options. The CO2 heat pump is also suitable for direct tap water preparation. Do you have questions about specific applications? Please feel free to contact us.

Buffer vessel with phase change materials

The heat pump keeps one or more buffer vessels warm. The coupling of a series of buffer tanks ensures a good stratification required for a high thermal efficiency of the heat pump. By means of temperature sensors in the buffer tanks, the heat pump can constantly supply a reserve of hot water at the desired temperature. Via a heat exchanger this heat can be used at a later moment for hot tapwater or central heating.

The buffer vessels are filled with PCM balls. This is an encapsulation of Phase Change Materials with a diameter of 80Ø manufactured from a high quality polymer. The application of PCM increases the effective capacity of the storage system by a factor of 4. Phase change materials can store more thermal energy than water. Supply and demand of heat can be disconnected using phase change materials. The required PCM bulbs are delivered on pallets with the total quantity for the selected system. During the melting process the volume of the energy storage system increases. To compensate for this increase, the installation of an expansion device is required.

Technical specifications

Type designationEDKXT2-10IIB
electrical supply
Heating capacity
Power consumption8.5kW
Max. water temperature85°C
Max. water debiet0.72m3/h
Refrigerant codeR744
Noise level heat pump≤ 56dB (A)
Weight heat pump360 kg
Dimensions heat pump1472 x 1100 x 2295 mm
Dimensions bufferØ 800 x 1.950 mm
Buffer capacity3x 500 liter

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