Caldamar PCM Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

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The Caldamar™ PCM Vacuum Tube Solar Collector from Global-E-Systems is an unique and patented combination of a vacuum tube solar collector with an integrated energy storage system based on Phase Change Materials. By implementing Phase Change Materials heat can be stored for later use. The material functions as a thermal battery. When sufficient energy is stored, the vacuum tube solar collector can also be used during the night to heat water.

The average annual yield, or SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) from vacuum tube solar collectors is better than from flat plate solar collectors. Due to the round shape it does not make much difference which angle the rays of sunlight fall on the vacuum tubes. It is only the movement of the sun from east to west which influences the yield of the vacuum tube solar collector. The possible applications are infinite. Thermic solar energy systems based on vacuum tube technology can produce warmth for individual and collective systems. They can also produce energy for absorption cooling systems and commercial applications.

How does it work?

When the temperature inside the vacuum tube rises above the melting temperature of the Phase Change Material, then it starts to melt and absorbs heat. This process continues until all the PCM-material is melted. The PCM Vacuum Tube Solar collector also functions like a normal solar collector during the day, and can provide hot water. In the transition between melting – solidification – melting etc. which always occurs with a constant temperature, large quantities of energy are stored and then released. At the end of the day when the sun sets the solar collector contains a large amount of thermic energy. This energy can be used in the evening to produce hot water, or potentially for space heating.


Mounting of the PCM Vacuum Tube Solar Collector is relatively simple. It can be mounted as well on the roof or within the roof. Special aluminium roof inserts are available for on-roof mounting, which can be adapted to a variety of typdes of roof tiles. The PCM Vacuum Tube Solar Collector can be connected directly to the drinking water system. Installation requires a non return valve, inlet combination and thermostatic mixing valve. This mixing valve prevents excessively high temperatures in the supply to the reheater.

principle scheme

Principe schema

Technical Specifications

Storage materialPCM89
Product nameCaldamar™ PCM Vacuum Tube Solar Collector
Type designationSW-H-10/70-1.8
Number of tubes10 tubes, length 1800 mm
Storage capacity16 MJ
Equivalent hot water140 litre
Measures2026 x 956 x 130 mm (L x W x H)
aperture surface1.9 m2
Weight78 kg
MaterialMaterial Header and connections copper. Storage Tube stainless steel and U-tube copper.
Connections4 x ¾” male thread

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