Thermal energy storage for heat and cold

The energy component that pays itself back in a short time!

In the near future, buildings will be more expensive when it comes to operating costs. This is due to the rising energy costs caused by the poor construction and insulation of most older homes and business premises. An investment in concepts based on Phase Change Materials will significantly reduce your energy costs. Most concepts can pay itself back within mostly 3 years. Our solutions include sustainable and energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation.

Phase Change Materials store heat or cold for use at a later time. This feature can be used to regulate or dampen the temperature development in a building. This, according to the well-known principle of the Trias Energetica; reduce the demand, which automatically results in energy savings. With phase Change Materials we reduce the energy demand by creating virtual building mass. For the Western European climate, for example, we usually choose a PCM with a melting point of 18-23°C for cooling. Phase Change Materials with a melting point of 25-30°C are suitable for (floor) heating. If the room temperature exceeds the melting temperature of the PCM, it melts and absorbs heat. When the outside temperature is warm, the inside of the room will not easily reach a high temperature. In colder weather, the phase transition materials will release the heat again. The result is a more even temperature in the building. Payback periods of less than 3 years are the rule rather than the exception. Especially when renovating older buildings, our concepts can make a major contribution in achieving the energy objectives. The application of Phase Change Materials does not normally require any special provisions for a building or installation.

When Phase Change Materials are stored in a well insulated buffertank, the "latent heat" can be retained and used at a later time. We also call this the ‘heat accumulating capacity’. When Phase Change Materials are applied, the volume can be reduced by a factor of 4. Through inlets and outlets near the buffer, hot air can be cooled and cold air can be heated. In this situation the buffer with Phase Change Materials works as a heat-cold storage.

With only the use of Phase Change Materials you are not there yet. Advice and consultation on the overall concept is equally important. We also advise on the installation technique to ensure the optimal operation of the Phase Change Materials.

Our GAIA Phase Change materials offer great benefits. Some of these are:

  • Many areas of application, especially renovations of existing office buildings. Non-toxic, non-combustible and 100% recyclable;
  • Perfectly to combine with existing climate control systems;
  • An important reduction of electrical power and / or connection;
  • ·Perfectly to combine with heat pumps, biomass and thermal solar energy;
  • Comfort improvement. Always have a pleasant temperature in your building or other spaces.

GAIA Phase Change materials achieve unthinkable savings, more than you could ever imagine. A few examples:

  • Up to 80% power reduction on refrigeration machine, heat pump or gas boiler;
  • 50 - 80% reduction on refrigeration machines and heat pumps;
  • 50% power reduction on soil collector or aquifer;
  • 45% cost reduction on gas consumption;
  • 40% saving on electricity consumption;
  • Lower operating costs due to less maintenance;
  • Fast payback periods, usually within 2 to 3 years.

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