Housing construction

After World War II, many houses were constructed within a relatively short period of time. This led to a larger focus on the quantity of the houses rather than the quality. In other words: a short construction period with poor-quality materials. The effects on energy usage are now apparent: high heating costs and low or poor comfort. This all can be changed.

With the application of Phase Change Materials in the building measures, it is possible to renovated this housing supply with innovation and sustainability for a reasonable investment cost. This offers residents of these houses improved comfort and energy savings up to 50-80%.

These are exceptionally high ambitions which can often be realised with an unexpectedly low budget. For architects, Phase Change Materials mean essential supplements to their construction repertoire for new constructions and renovations. The same applies to consultancy firms, technicians and estimate firms. For owner associations and housing associations, this can be a potential solution for optimum energy savings with maximum comfort.