Agricultural sector

The agricultural sector is, by definition, an energy-consuming industry. This applies to more than just greenhouses brightly lighted throughout the night but also to the production of livestock such as poultry and pigs. These produce a good deal of energy which farmers can now harness with the use of heat recovery systems. Using a Phase Change Material energy storage system, this can now be done even more economically. With its specialised properties, a highly constant temperature can be realised for a reasonable investment with the utilisation of Phase Change Materials combined with an advanced climate system.

We can offer different energy saving solutions for greenhouse owners and suppliers. Greenhouses entirely lack any thermic mass; They must be ventilated at rising temperatures to maintain a constant indoor climate. This process is wasteful and results in the loss of the CO2 required on the other hand for crop growth. Phase Change Materials can be used to regulate temperature and store excess heat which can then be used during the night for significant energy savings.